May 20, 2024

ESPN REPORT: WATCH: He Gets  10th Sack of Season As Titans Lead Houston Texans Late

The Tennessee Titans have gotten an excellent year from Denico Autry and we saw the veteran set a career mark in sacks, picking up his tenth of the year in the fourth quarter against the Houston Texans.
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Tennessee Titans
The Tennessee Titans are in a battle with the Houston Texans and we saw Denico Autry make a huge play in the fourth quarter, picking up his tenth sack of the season. Autry ended a Texans’ drive and got the ball back to the offense.

Autry beat rookie lineman Juice Scruggs to his outside shoulder and got pressure on Case Keenum. Autry’s tenth sack of the season sets a career mark for him. He has been one of the best free-agent signings in recent history.

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