July 16, 2024

Andy Reid Says Penalty Costing Chiefs Go-Ahead Touchdown Was ‘Embarrassing’

Andy Reid Says Penalty Costing Chiefs Go-Ahead Touchdown Was 'Embarrassing' - Sports Illustrated

Following the tense conclusion of the Bills’ 20–17 victory over Kansas City, which featured sideline antics from quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs coach Andy Reid responded with a surprisingly strong statement.

In the midst of controversy surrounding Kadarius Toney’s offensive offsides call, which rendered out a potential game-winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter, Reid stood up for his team and lambasted the NFL officiating crew.

Reid said that Toney’s penalty was “embarrassing” and that the referees would typically issue a warning before “something like that happens in a big game.”

Reid remarked, “That’s a little embarrassing for the National Football League to happen. “I’ve spent a lot of time in the league.” Never had one quite like that.

Wide receivers seldom line up offsides prior to the snap, according to CBS Sports rules analyst Gene Steratore, who provided additional context for Toney’s penalty. This may explain why Reid hasn’t seen a flag thrown for a similar penalty in his 25 years as an NFL coach.

The Chiefs would lose their fifth game of the season after giving up a wipe-out touchdown and turning the ball over on downs on their final offensive play of the contest.


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