May 30, 2024

Excellent speed and acceleration. A constant risk of going vertical.

Excellent dexterity and footwork. enables him to pace and complete his routes remarkably quickly for his size.

Extremely strong explosive power. able to quickly stop in order to adapt to the ball.

Uncommon ball abilities. exceptional tracking and throw-adjustment skills. excels in traffic and on the sidelines.

— Flexibility in position. Can play in the slot, but dominant outside.


A tad too thin for his build. has problems sometimes fighting the press.

The typical YAC threat. Because of his frame, he frequently goes down on first contact.

Marvin Harrison Jr. makes wide receiver play look like an art form.

Harrison, who weighs 205 pounds and is 6’4″, is an excellent mover. Harrison plays with uncommon foot speed and agility for a player his size, even though he occasionally plays a little high. He can quickly complete all of his routes and adjust the speed of his routes with ease. He’s a shrewd, disciplined route runner with the ideal physical attributes to complement those qualities.

Harrison also possesses real-deal speed. Vertical routes are where he performs best. Harrison leaps off the line of scrimmage and immediately poses a threat to the defensive backs. He frequently stacks them down the sideline with ease using his hands and movement abilities. Harrison’s best routes are go balls, comebacks, deep stop routes, and digs because they allow him to threaten opponents with his speed.

Harrison is a truly exceptional ball player, above all else. Harrison feels as though time stops when the ball is approaching. Harrison always manages to see the ball in clear sight and reaches out with his long arms to grab it as soon as he can. In general, he possesses the strength to hold onto passes even after making contact.

When it comes to playing the ball, Harrison also possesses exceptional spatial awareness. Harrison has a unique way of working the sidelines. Without giving up on his ability to attack the ball, he always manages to stay in position to stay in bounds. Harrison is the kind of player who is truly “open even when he’s not.”

Harrison’s lone flaws are primarily frame-related. For a player his size, he’s on the skinny side of things. Even though he is skilled at breaking through press coverage and hand-fighting, he can occasionally be restrained by press corners.

Harrison’s physique also makes it simple to take him out on first contact. He still has the ability to force errors in space and hit home runs in the open field, but he won’t be consistently pressuring DBs for extra yards.

Harrison is an obvious choice. He is a twitchy athlete with excellent ball skills and a refined route-running technique. His game translates so easily, even at first glance. Harrison would become the first-choice wide receiver right away.most transgressions.

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