July 21, 2024

Injury Report for Florida vs. Vanderbilt: Three Gators Out, Six Questionable.

Key Gators banged-up as UF prepares for Vanderbilt's visit

Florida’s injury report ahead of the Gators’ Week 6, homecoming matchup with Vanderbilt.

Florida’s Gainsville — Prior to Florida’s game against Vanderbilt, the Gators added four players to their injury report: three were ruled out of Week 6 and another six were considered questionable for the contest.

Below is a complete injury report for Florida for Week 6.

Trevor Etienne, RB, lower body—dubious
WR Lower body: Caleb Douglas — out WR Lower body: Thai Chiaokhiao-Bowman — dubious
TE Jonathan Odom is out (upper body).
TE Dante Zanders’s lower body is dubious.
OT Austin Barber’s lower body is dubious.
OL Kingsley Eguakun—questionable—in the lower body
LB Ja’Markis Weston is not in. (upper body)
DB Miguel Mitchell: dubious about his lower body

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