June 25, 2024

Following his arrest, Vikings coach Kevin O’Connell places his future on notice.

Wes Phillips, the offensive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings, was charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated last Friday, and his future is now uncertain.

Following Sunday’s 3-0 victory over the Las Vegas Raiders, head coach Kevin O’Connell spoke about Phillips’ DWI arrest. Although the coach traveled to Las Vegas with the team, the Vikings have not made a decision regarding Phillips’ future.

“It’s going to be something we’ll continue to evaluate, but with it being late on Friday and kind of gathering more information on it, I made the decision after really circling up with our leadership and everybody that Wes would travel and ultimately coach today, and we will continue to process the information as we move forward and work through whatever discipline there may be at that point,” O’Connell said in a postgame news conference.

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