May 30, 2024
  1. The Detroit Tigers will field a 27-player prospect lineup for their inaugural Spring Breakout game.

LAKELAND, Florida — For the prospects, that is, the roster is set in stone.

A highly anticipated spring training game is the first-ever Spring Breakout showcase. Joker Marchant Stadium in Lakeland will host a prospect-only game between the Detroit Tigers and the Philadelphia Phillies on March 16 at 1:05 p.m.

The Tigers selected Hall of Fame shortstop Alan Trammell, who played 20 MLB seasons for the team and managed the major league team from 2003 to 2005. Trammell will oversee the team’s group of prospects.

A.J. Hinch, the manager of the Tigers, tried to sound serious when he said, “A lot of pressure on Tram.” “With the exception of a few who won’t be playing, we gave him the best roster we could. All eyes are on Tram, even though we have a lot of talent. Let us ensure that he utilizes the roster in the manner intended. We’ll see.

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