May 20, 2024

5 guys that Alabama football needs to focus on during the spring transfer window

These three players could be targets for transfers by Alabama football during the spring window.

There isn’t much time Kalen DeBoer has to assemble Alabama’s roster the way he wants it. He had to get used to his new surroundings after succeeding the late Nick Saban and try to hold onto as many of Alabama football’s current players. DeBoer can use the spring transfer window to his advantage. Kadyn Proctor, who originally transferred from Alabama to Iowa in the winter, has already returned thanks to him.

The winter was a losing season for Alabama football. Players like Isaiah Bond and Caleb Downs departed for Texas and Ohio State, respectively. In just one week, athletes such as JC Latham, Kool-Aid McKinstry, Terrion Arnold, Dallas Turner, and Jermaine Burton will be selected by the NFL. But the Tide always retools and reloads, and they might do so once more in this spring timeframe. That might entail acquiring athletes like Myles Slusher, Damien Martinez, and Keandre Lambert-Smith.

Oregon State running back Damien Martinez
In the third quarter at Reser Stadium, Oregon State Beavers running back Damien Martinez (6) rushes the ball against the Washington Huskies.
Required Credit: USA TODAY Sports/Craig Strobeck
For the past fifteen years, Alabama football has been a factory of running backs. Although he was the most recent of several outstanding Alabama running backs, Jase McClellan’s eligibility ended with the 2017 campaign. Future stars in Tuscaloosa’s running back room include Richard Young, Justice Haynes, and Jam Miller. However, those players have amassed 616 yards and six touchdowns on 108 carries combined.

The Tide might utilize a running back of the present to help mentor these young guys, even though they are the team of the future. Damien Martinez of Oregon State could have to be brought in for that. For the past two seasons, Martinez has been among the greatest and most reliable running backs in the nation. In each of those campaigns, he has averaged 6.1 yards per carry. Standing at six feet and 232 pounds, he is an enormous burden.

Deshaun Fenwick and Martinez did not mind sharing time in Corvallis. He might be a part of a similar split with one or two of their current young backs in Tuscaloosa. Martinez isn’t absolutely necessary for Alabama, but having him there will only strengthen their team.

Keandre Lambert-Smith, Penn State’s wide receiver
Alabama will require additional wide receivers to supplement its roster. Their two best receivers from a year ago, Bond and Burton, are now with other teams. Germie Bernard has already given his commitment to the Tide. He’ll travel to Tuscaloosa from Seattle, following DeBoer’s lead. However, Alabama football has many reliable alternatives to choose from outside of Bernard.

That’s where Keandre Lambert-Smith, for example, could be useful. Last year, Lambert-Smith had 53 receptions for 673 yards, which made him Penn State’s top receiver. The Nittany Lions’ reluctance to pound teams on the ground and air it out contributed to those meager results. Lambert-Smith is probably in the portal because he is capable of more.

Some of Alabama’s young receivers are expected to play larger roles in the upcoming campaign. But much as with running back, it wouldn’t hurt to look for an experienced player to help ease those guys into regular positions. And Lambert-Smith would make sure of that.

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Myles Slusher, Colorado Safety
Caleb Downs was arguably the most significant loss for Alabama’s team in the previous season. For the Tide in the previous season, Downs performed a variety of tasks. In addition to forcing and recovering a turnover, picking off two passes, and returning punts for touchdowns, he totaled 107 tackles. However, he left Ohio State, and Alabama football doesn’t really have a suitable successor.

Maybe it would be Myles Slusher. Although he’s not as good as Downs, he can still hold his own in the secondary and is an eager tackler. Despite playing in just four games the previous season, Slusher recorded 17 tackles in his one and only year in Boulder. Having played for the Arkansas Razorbacks for three seasons in Fayetteville, he also has SEC experience.

Though not the most well-known player to visit the transfer portal, Slusher can be beneficial to any side that acquires him. Alabama needs to make up for the safety gap. Slusher should be contacted by DeBoer and his team to see if he can fill Downs’ vacant position.

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