May 22, 2024

Alabama Flips Another Elite Wolverines DE

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The hiring of Antonio Coleman has been a little odd. Seemingly out of the blue, in September he committed to Alabama, then in December, seemingly out of the blue, he switched to Auburn.


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Although Coleman’s flip was the first of several, the majority occurred following Nick Saban’s coaching retirement in January. After Nick Saban was replaced by Kalen DeBoer, Alabama retained Freddie Roach as his positional coach and chief recruiter. Ever since they became formal employees, Coleman has been the target of persistent advocacy from Roach and Alabama.

Five-star wide receiver Ryan Williams, who had committed to Alabama prior to Saban’s departure, decided to recommit to the team in January, which was good news for DeBoer and Alabama. Now, Coleman from Auburn returns to the Crimson Tide as DeBoer and Alabama raid the Saraland Spartans’ squad.

Breaking: Antonio Coleman, a four-star defensive lineman, has told me he switched from Auburn to Alabama!

In Auburn’s ’25 Class, the 6’2 280 DL from Saraland, AL was the top-ranked recruit.

“I think Roach is a good fit and that their program can help me grow more,”This link: @DutsXjFWrg

Rewritten by Hayes Fawcett (@Hayesfawcett3) 2 March 2024
In his two seasons with the Spartans varsity team, Coleman—a four-star, top-120 talent in the 2025 class—has racked up 131 tackles, 42.5 tackles for loss, 7.5 sacks, and one fumble recovery.

With Tim Smith, Tim Keenan, Jaheim Oatis, LT Overton, Jah-Marien Latham, and Damon Payne Jr. all anticipated to see time in the rotation, Alabama’s defensive line is stacked with talent from upperclassmen. After the 2024 season, all six players become eligible for the draft. Coleman would still need to put in work if he wants to make the roster in 2025, though, as Alabama has seven more defensive lineman in front of him.

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Introduction of DeBoer as Head Coach of Alabama Football
Images from Kalen DeBoer’s presentation as the new head coach of Alabama.

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