May 25, 2024

Barkley, a midfielder for Luton, sees benefits from Man City’s crushing.

Ross Barkley, a midfielder for Luton Town, is adamant that his squad can learn from their crushing defeat of Manchester City.

The dynamic central midfielder acknowledged that they could have played the game better.

Barkley is aware, though, that their fate in the standings will be decided by how many points they gain from opponents who are nearer to them.

According to Luton Today, he said, “We need to stay positive and win as many games as we can.” Five-1 against the world champions from the previous season, but moving forward, we can take some positives.

We’re a fantastic squad that never gives up, and we gave it our all in this game, as we do every time, but we faced the greatest team in the world, in my opinion.

We regrettably didn’t get the outcome we wanted, but we’re excited for the upcoming major games. We gave it our all.

“We all look forward to it, and we have to have the right mindset because there are five games left, all of which can be won.”


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