June 25, 2024

Tom Lockyer drops an important social media message to fans

Following the collapse of a Luton Town defender against Bournemouth, David de Gea messages Tom Lockyer

David de Gea, the former goalkeeper for Manchester United, messaged Tom Lockyer on social media following the Luton Town defender’s collapse during their Saturday afternoon encounter against Bournemouth.

After receiving intensive care from paramedics and medical workers, the skipper of the Hatters was taken out on a stretcher to a standing ovation from all stands at Vitality Stadium. Lockyer also went down in the May Championship play-off final. He had surgery afterward and wasn’t cleared to play again.

The game was abandoned after a long wait during which the players from Luton and Bournemouth were removed from the field while Lockyer received treatment. The clock was at 65 minutes. The defender was brought to the hospital and is responsive.

According to a Luton statement:

“Tom Lockyer, our captain and commander, is thankfully responding and has been rushed to the hospital. We all hope and pray for him.

At this point, we are unsure of the entire scope of the incident and the best course of action, but we are grateful to Bournemouth and the medical personnel on both sides for their prompt and outstanding response.

We apologize to all of the fans in attendance for the fact that after witnessing their beloved friend and teammate taken off in such a way, players on both teams were not in the right frame of mind to continue playing, and the staff was unable to continue running the game under those conditions.

“We express our gratitude to everyone for the heartfelt cheers and Locks’ name singing.

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