May 20, 2024

Mario Cristobal, the football coach of the Miami Hurricanes, received a record salary in 2022.

According to a federal tax form the university released to USA TODAY sports on Tuesday, Mario Cristobal, the football coach at the University of Miami (Fla.), received $22.7 million from the school in 2022. This amount consisted of $14.9 million in “other reportable compensation” and $7.7 million in base pay.

According to research by USA TODAY Sports, this is the largest-ever, one-year amount for an employee of an athletics department on a tax form by a private university. The university only mentioned that it made “gross-up payments” to Cristobal and other individuals, which are payments that cover income taxes so that the recipient receives a set amount of pay, as the reason why he was paid so much.

Dan Radakovich, the athletic director of Miami, verified to USA TODAY Sports on Wednesday that the $14.9 million in “other” compensation

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