June 15, 2024

Christian Mahogany signed by the Lions have advantages and disadvantages

Christian Mahogany joins the Lions to fight for the backup guard position.
The Detroit Lions picked Boston College’s Christian Mahogany in the sixth round of the 2024 NFL Draft.

Though Brad Holmes stated he would keep the reasons behind his decline to the sixth round, he was once considered a person who may go on Day 2.

Mahogany played three full seasons at Boston College as an aggressive guard that Holmes called a “dirtbag.” He possesses the size and quickness to go up against NFL players at 322 pounds. There are still many positive aspects of his game, even though his college footage and play style indicate that he is more adept at run blocking than pass protection.

Mahogany will undoubtedly start behind starters Graham Glasgow and Kevin Zeitler in the 2024 starting lineup as a reserve guard, according to the depth chart.

Veteran players Kayode Awosika and Dan Skipper, as well as fellow rookie Giovanni Manu and second-year Colby Sorsdal, will be his main rivals. Both Awosika and Skipper are regarded as the best backups at either guard position and have starting experience in Detroit.

Even though Mahogany was selected in the sixth round, his skill and strength could help him surpass the more seasoned interior linemen as the best backup option. Whichever position he occupies on the depth chart, it will take him some time to become a player worthy of starting.

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