July 21, 2024

Birmingham City will profit from a £935 million deal even after being demoted to League One.

Next season, Birmingham City will be more frequently seen on our televisions thanks to Sky Sports’ new TV arrangement with the EFL.

As part of Sky Sports’ new agreement with the EFL, at least 20 Birmingham City games will be shown live in the upcoming season.

Over 1,000 EFL games will be aired on Sky Sports throughout the upcoming season according to a £935 million deal that was signed in April. Viewers won’t be significantly impacted by Blues’ relegation to League One because the broadcaster promised to screen at least 20 games throughout the 2024–2025 season.

League One and League Two clubs are not guaranteed any television fixtures due to Sky’s current TV agreement with the EFL. Supporters will be able to watch all of the EFL Trophy fixtures as well as a few Carabao Cup matches on the Sky Sports+ channel. This is the first time Blues will compete in the competition since they won it in 1995.

There will be live coverage of every League One match that falls outside of the customary Saturday 3 p.m. blackout, with at least two games aired each weekend. Sky Sports will broadcast every match on the opening and closing weekends of the season.

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