June 25, 2024

Seahawks cornerback Riq Woolen has had a dramatic decline. Based on his 2022 rookie season Pro Bowl performance, he seemed to be Seattle’s most recent fifth-round steal. Six interceptions tied him for the league lead. That was a pick-six among those interceptions. In 2022, Woolen only missed 7.4% of his attempts at tackling.

But after Week 6, Woolen had only two interceptions, which may have been a sign that not everything was as it seemed. QBs may have somewhat figured him out.

With 2 interceptions in 2023, the cornerback’s missed tackle percentage increased to 14.5 percent. 2022 saw a fantastic 48.7 quarterback rating allowed; in 2023, it was a respectable 79.8. Woolen’s absence from

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