July 21, 2024

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Martin Emerson Jr. of the Browns is the new “Xs and Os with @gregcosell”; he ranked third in my recent list of the NFL’s best press cornerbacks thanks to his eight receptions allowed in press on 26 targets for 4.2 yards per catch, three explosive plays, no touchdowns, and no interceptions. Overall last season, regardless of scheme, Emerson gav

May 27: BREAKFAST AND SWEETS What issue does Deshaun Watson have?

Former Texans wide receiver Cecil Shorts III claims that it is somewhat due to his past being “that guy” and his efforts to “force” his way back to that caliber.

According to Shorts, “I think a lot of it is mental for him,” on The Dawg Check Podcast. “Aiming for the big play by force. Make the throws forceful. Push this ball in this direction and that direction. “Dude, you were good in Houston because you let the game come to you,” is how it is said. You took your time as you made your way through the process. You removed the pocket with your feet if it wasn’t there. You achieve your goals. Nothing needed to be forced on you.”

e up 36 receptions on 73 targets for 498 yards, 161 yards after the catch, one touchdown, four interceptions, nine pass breakups, and an opponent passer rating of 53.3 — the fourth-lowest in the NFL among cornerbacks playing at least 50% of their snaps. Not bad for a guy the Browns absolutely stole in the third round of the 2022 draft out of Mississippi State.

Shorts claimed that Watson is attempting to establish his status as “that guy” in light of his contract and problems.

Both Watson’s wish to take that action and Shorts’ explanation make sense.

NFL ASSISTING BROWNS RIVAL, MAY 26 Are there any advantages being granted to the Baltimore Ravens Robert Griffin III, a former quarterback for the Ravens and current ESPN analyst, believes that.?

In a recent video posted on Twitter, Griffin stated, “The only thing the NFL likes more than a dynasty like the Chiefs is a team or player to get over the hump,” “And the NFL schedule creators are attempting to assist the Ravens in doing precisely that. They granted their opponents an extra sixteen days of relaxation. Compared to other teams in the league, that is three extra days.”

Griffin presents a compelling argument, especially in light of the Ravens’ 16 extra days of recuperation than their opponents and their lack of a road trip lasting longer than two weeks.

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