June 13, 2024

Details On Caitlin Clark Suspension.

Angry, Christie Sides charges that the referees did not shield Caitlin Clark: She’s being assaulted

Chicago Sky. Behind effervescent rookie Angel Reese in the WNBA, Chicago Sky is embracing their share of the spotlight. After defeating Cameron Brink, Angel Reese is currently awaiting Caitlin Clark.
Christie Sides, the head coach of the Indiana Fever, has voiced her mounting dissatisfaction with WNBA officiating, citing her handling of freshman standout Caitlin Clark in particular, during the first few games of the 2024 season. Sides’ outburst in response to what she perceived to be a clear foul on Clark during Thursday night’s game against the Seattle Storm resulted in a technical foul.

After the game, Sides angrily supported Clark and attacked the officiating, expressing her worries about the impartial treatment of her players.

Video thumbnail: Clark’s ferocious reaction to opponents’ rough play Sides stated, “[Clark] is getting beat up for the entire forty minutes that she is in the game, on both ends.”

“She doesn’t give up.All I want is for us to receive the same calls that the other party is receiving. Simply put, we’re not receiving the same calls. I will put up a fierce battle for them.”

Clark concurs with Sides.
Even with Clark’s impressive 20 points, 9 assists, and 3 rebounds, the Fever could only muster an 8-point record for the season as they lost 103-88.

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“I think at times there are ways I can probably channel it a little better, but that’s just basketball at the end of the day,” Clark said.

Nothing will ever alter about that. I will always have that. I think I’m being taken advantage of.”

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