July 23, 2024

Nick Aldis, a former star of Impact, NWA, and Independent, has officially joined WWE as the General Manager of “WWE SmackDown.” On the most recent episode of “After The Bell,” Aldis told host Corey Graves that he had asked to be released from the NWA last year because he felt he had to take the next step in his pursuit of a WWE contract.


Why Nick Aldis Feels Disrespected By The Machine Gun Era Happening In Impact


“It seems like it’s either now or never,” Aldis recalled. “I’m gonna try to reach out to WWE and I reached out to Triple H and between then and when I finally came in, I had some conversations with Bruce Prichard and it was sort of ‘sit tight, maybe there’s something.'” Aldis claims he made use of the waiting period to become a wrestler again for Impact Wrestling and produce

“The opportunity came in the form of being a [WWE] producer and I was very grateful for that opportunity because I’ve enjoyed working behind the scenes,” Aldis said, “especially in the NWA, I wore a lot of hats there for the past few years.” The former NWA World Heavyweight Champion takes great pleasure in attending to the small things.

“I was very, very grateful when Bruce pulled me out of the meeting…and he said ‘We’ve got this idea.'” Aldis claims he received word that he would be joining “WWE SmackDown” as general manager a few weeks later. Aldis claims he seized the chance, and after only a few weeks in the role, he is already enforcing the law alongside Jey Uso.

“You can’t control what opportunities come your way,” Aldis stated, “but you can only control what you do with those opportunities.”


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