July 23, 2024

Jim Harbaugh’s remarks from today regarding Michigan football and the NCAA’s probe into signal-stealing

ARBOUR, Ann During his weekly press conferences, Jim Harbaugh hasn’t talked much about Michigan’s upcoming opponent. He made no mention of Michigan’s first two opponents, UNLV and East Carolina, and very little about the rest of the team’s schedule for this season.

But he would have been delighted to discuss Purdue on Monday. Rather, while he stood inside Schembechler Hall, questions about the NCAA’s alleged sign-stealing probe into his programme dominated Harbaugh’s conversation.

The program’s sports information director opened the press conference by saying, “There are certain things we are unable to comment on,” rather than Harbaugh or a reporter.

The NCAA’s rule prohibiting colleges, teams, and coaches who are the subject of an investigation from speaking out about it in public was mentioned. Evidently, Harbaugh disapproves of this policy.


Report: Michigan pulled Jim Harbaugh contract offer after sign-stealing allegations


I agree with you. When asked if he felt he had to hold his tongue on some subjects, Harbaugh responded, “I’m with ya in the situation.” But all you can do is wait for it to happen. Participate in the investigation and follow its progress.

“But regarding the speculation, as I mentioned earlier, there is too much focus on team coaching to be able to participate in every rumour that appears to be anywhere.”

Harbaugh made multiple references to his “one-track mind” during the 15-minute press conference on Monday. He also used the word “speculation” quite a bit. Additionally, he referenced the statement he made on Thursday in response to the allegations, in which he denied any knowledge of his programme “illegally stealing signals.”

When asked if Michigan alumni would be offended or ashamed to see their school’s football programme in the media for these reasons, Harbaugh responded, “That’s conjecture.” Everyone has the right to express their opinions, in my opinion.

Did he have a message for the fans to persevere through this trying period of the programme? Harbaugh stated, “At this time, I don’t have a message.” Everyone is free to express their opinions, as I have said. The people who know us the best, in my opinion, also think the best of us.

Harbaugh did not sound angry or defiant, but he did seem a little irritated about the NCAA’s gag order. If Harbaugh is aware of a deadline for the investigation’s completion, he would withhold it. Once more, there are some topics we simply cannot discuss. Would adore to. Like you, I am. I’m in every one of your roles. We’ll watch it unfold.

Michigan is 8-0 and ranked second in the major polls. The Wolverines were off last week. Harbaugh said he worked Monday through Thursday and took off to be with his family on Friday and Saturday. He split his time between the two on Sunday before diving back into work full-time with Purdue visiting Michigan Stadium this Saturday night. After yet another question about the investigation, Harbaugh looked exasperated. “I can talk about the football game this Saturday,” Harbaugh said. “I can talk about Purdue.” Nobody asked about Purdue.

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