May 22, 2024

TreVeyon Henderson, Kyle McCord and Ohio State’s consistent special teams blunders

Kyle McCord Named Ohio State's Full-Time Starting Quarterback | Eleven  Warriors

COLUMBUS, Ohio — It’s a Buckeye Talk which means taking a look back at Ohio State’s most recent performance in a 35-16 win over Rutgers.

Stephen Means and Nathan Baird first look back on yet another impressive day for running back TreVeyon Henderson along with an offensive line that may have figured things out in the run game. We’ve become accustomed to OSU relying on its passing attack to move the ball down the field but that could change in 2023 as long as Henderson is healthy.

Then after the break, Stephen and Nathan discuss a defensive line that’s been at a quality level all season. But there’s maybe an argument that the unit could benefit from a deeper rotation in the name of getting its best guys to the games that matter most.

Wrapping things up is yet another discussion about a special teams unit that keeps finding ways to make significant mistakes.


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