May 30, 2024

Kyle McCord will be fine. 

Ohio State fans have been spoiled the past two years having Justin Fields and CJ Stroud as their quarterbacks for multiple seasons that now McCord seems like a letdown in many eyes. Plenty of people are saying Kyle McCord is not able to win them a National Championship, but look at the past winner in the Georgia Bulldogs. In their two year run of back-to-back championships, their quarterback was not a standout player, he just got the job done. McCord is good enough to win games, and there’s no arguing that as the Buckeyes are 9-0.

QB won: Ohio State commits to Kyle McCord

The Buckeyes have a top-tier defense. 

This defense is something we haven’t seen from Ohio State in a couple of years. Their edge rushing could do some work on getting to the quarterback, but the front seven is doing a very good job against the rush and pass game in and game out. The linebackers as a whole also look very solid, good in pass coverage and stopping the run. The secondary is the true highlight of this defense, though. Just last week, Ohio State battled numerous injuries to their secondary and their fourth string was locking up Rutgers’ number one wide receiver. This group is not only talented, but deep as well.

Ohio State can win a National Championship. 

A lot of people have written this Buckeye team off because they couldn’t win a championship with really good quarterbacks in recent years, so how is a quarterback who isn’t as good as those previous ones supposed to. Well, the answer is quite simple, McCord doesn’t have to be good enough to win it because he has stars all around him. He just has to be good enough to not lose it, and he’s just that. The defense and the stars around McCord on the offense are, in fact, good enough to get them to and win a National Championship. McCord just has to step up, do his job, and let the playmakers make plays.


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