May 28, 2024

After receiving praise for the midfield player from Everton manager Sean Dyche, Dele Alli took to social media to express his gratitude.

The 27-year-old, who spent the previous season on loan at Besiktas, has yet to make an appearance for the Toffees this season.

When he returned to England in the summer, he courageously talked about his football problems and childhood trauma.

Alli is presently recuperating from an injury and hopes to play for Everton for the first time since August 2022.

He appears to have a solid grasp of how Dyche is trying to get his team to play, even though he is not on the pitch.

The Toffees manager said in an interview with beIN SPORTS: “I spoke with Alli, and he’s a great guy who has accomplished a lot. During our conversation, I asked him, “Dele, what are your thoughts?”

“I think you should clarify with these players what you mean when you talk about direct play,” he said. “I know you don’t mean kicking it forwards.”

“He had worked under Mauricio Pochettino, the former Tottenham manager, who was similar to him. Pochettino used to talk about direct passing football, get turned, play forwards.

“Dele understood it, and I told the players the exact same story when I said I was speaking with Dele. I wanted them to know that Dele is in a great place right now and that he is observing and considering everything we do.

He is entirely correct; what we need is direct play, or playing forward first. How can you dominate the front third of the pitch and not the back third if you play forward more quickly?

Although his return date is unknown, he has made 13 appearances for the Toffees since concluding his move from Spurs in 2022.

Though they are five points above the relegation zone in the Premier League standings, Everton could use his calibre.


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