May 30, 2024

Statistics indicate Milan’s Champions League problems.

Milan is yet to score in the Champions League this season, but the numbers indicate that they are making an effort as they have more shots than both PSG and Newcastle United.

At San Siro, their game against PSG begins at 2:00 PM GMT.

They have only managed two scoreless draws thus far, one each against Paris Saint-Germain and Newcastle United, and one against Borussia Dortmund.


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Coach Stefano Pioli is left wondering what can be done to turn the tide after reading the startling official UEFA statistics.

His team managed 130 attacks in three games, with 50 of those being shots on goal.

Just 14 of the 50 shots were on goal, 23 went wide of the goal, and 13 more were blocked.

In contrast, PSG only needed 41 attempts—11 of which were on goal—to score six goals.

Newcastle United is even more efficient, scoring four goals on just 32 shots—13 of which were on goal.

It’s also strange that Milan players were only called for offside five times in three games.


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