May 22, 2024

College football betting odds: A record should be set by the  state vs. Rutgers over/under.

Once more, Iowa is creating betting history.

The over/under for Iowa’s game against Rutgers on Saturday is currently set at 28.5, just weeks after the No. 22 Hawkeyes’ game against Minnesota set a record for the lowest point total for a college football game in the last 20 years at 30.5.

The low total comes after Iowa defeated Northwestern with a massive 10-7 score in Week 10. It was the Hawkeyes’ third straight game with 22 points or less.

On October 14, Iowa defeated Wisconsin 15–6, with the total closing at 33.5. The next day, Iowa lost to Minnesota 12–10, with a contentious invalid fair catch call in the closing minutes. The historically low 29.5 opened total for the Northwestern game was bet up to 32. Bettors beneath had no difficulty at all.

The Rutgers game’s total opened at 28.5 and hasn’t changed. Because of this, we’re reasonably certain that when the game starts on Saturday, it will break the betting record, which has stood since 2003.

Iowa entered the College Football Playoff rankings on Tuesday night at No. 22, despite their offensive ineptitude following Northwestern’s victory. Just 12 college football teams score fewer points per game than Iowa, which is only scoring 18.4 points per game. However, the Hawkeyes are only giving up 13.7 points per contest.

Conversely, Rutgers doesn’t give up many points either and averages 27 points per game. Every game, the Scarlet Knights are giving up eighteen points. The only two teams to score more than 24 points in a single game against Rutgers are Michigan and Ohio State. If Iowa is added to that list, it will come as a huge surprise.

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In the spring of last year, Gabi Powel was watching a golf exhibition in Bogota, Colombia, when she was asked to hit a few shots by the announcer.

To the amazement of the crowd, Powel casually grabbed her driver and began slamming drives down the range that were more than 300 yards long.

Powel remarked, “I adore that kind of moment.” “Nobody anticipated that I would go nearly that far.”


Powel also didn’t anticipate hitting a golf ball farther than three football fields two years ago. The Jupiter resident, who was a standout player at Florida International University and Dwyer High School, claimed to be a long hitter.

After realising she wasn’t good enough to compete on the LPGA Tour, Powel made an effort to continue in the game by mentoring young kids and becoming a social media influencer.

Two years ago, Powel also didn’t think he would hit a golf ball farther than three football fields. The Jupiter resident said he was a long hitter and was an outstanding player at Dwyer High School and Florida International University.

Realising she wasn’t good enough to play on the LPGA Tour, Powel tried to stay in the game by mentoring young players and establishing herself as an influencer on social media.\

How far could she push herself with this new endeavour of hitting the long ball, is the question.

Getting the right driver was the first thing she needed to do in order to smash the ball. The majority of competitors who drive a long distance use clubs that are three inches longer (48) than standard drivers. After that, it was strengthening her muscles and honing her technique.

I have a very long swing that kind of wraps around my body, so a lot of people don’t think I can hit the ball that far,” she remarked.

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As with any golfer, it’s not about the swing, but rather the location of the club strike on the ball.

According to Powel, “center-face contact is most important.”

She’s been successful in whatever she’s been doing. Powel finished second in this year’s long drive competition in Denver after hitting a career-long 367-yard drive, fifth in the long drive competition held in Japan last year, and fifth in the long drive competition held in Atlanta last month.

Additionally, Padraig Harrington, a Hall of Famer, tramples all over the TimberTech Championship | D’Angelo

Like with any golfer, it’s more important to strike the ball with the club in the proper spot.

Powel asserts that “center-face contact is most important.”

In everything she has attempted, she has been successful. Powel placed fifth in the long drive competition held in Japan last year, fifth in the long drive competition held in Atlanta last month, and second in this year’s long drive competition held in Denver after hitting a career-long 367-yard drive.

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Unfortunately, her wedge soared over the green, but the outcome brought her satisfaction. She grinned and said, “It was on brand for being a long driver.”

Although Powel and her friend Hannah Leiner no longer date, she stays busy these days by working on and training for The Forward Tees Foundation, which “advances career opportunities for women through golf and beyond.”

“Young girls can speak with women who have played college golf and are familiar with all the ins and outs of the game through our online mentorship programme,” Powel said.

Assisting the future generation is fantastic, but for a long-distance professional, hitting one pure is the ultimate feeling.

Powel remarked, “It’s such an adrenaline rush.” “There’s a sense of, ‘Leave!'” When you achieve one perfect shot, your confidence soars.”

and observing it vanish into the clear blue sky.

This story, “Instagram golfer and social media influencer Gabi Powel competing in the World Long Drive,” first ran on Palm Beach Post.


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