May 25, 2024

As we previously reported, Michigan is claiming to have proof that the Ohio State football team shared Michigan signals with Purdue prior to the Big Ten Championship game last year. Rutgers did the same thing, they say. Ryan Day has publicly refuted that.

As is evident. He vehemently disputes that anyone connected to the Ohio State football team took any such action. Given that he acknowledged avoiding all of the outside noise during his weekly news conference, I’m surprised that he even addressed this.


Ryan Day

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In essence, Day is accusing Michigan of being full of liars. The possibility that Michigan lied about this wouldn’t be shocking. They appear to have been lying about everything since the beginning of this controversy. Throughout this entire story, the Buckeyes will be denying any kind of misconduct.

It will be interesting to see how Michigan reacts to this. If they are penalized at all, it probably won’t happen until tomorrow. After TTUN has had an opportunity to respond, Big Ten Commissioner Tony Pettiti will need to determine his course of action.

The football squad at Ohio State will now move past this and concentrate entirely on Michigan State. Conversely, Michigan might be facing some significant challenges. I’m curious to hear Purdue’s perspective on the subject. However, they might not reply at all.


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