May 30, 2024

Coach Pioli of AC Milan regrets errors and attitude for the draw with LeccePioli praises Milan for their 'great intensity' and claims it was 'not a negative performance'

Stefano Pioli, the coach of AC Milan, feels that their 2-2 draw with Lecce was insufficient.

Pioli said that they took responsibility for their mistakes and lacked the proper attitude that day.

He declared, “I’m not at all satisfied.” We played with a fervour that didn’t reflect who we are in the second half. We had to improve our ball handling and game management. We had two opportunities to lead 3-0. The opponents punished us because we gave them room. We gave up the same goal from a corner that we gave up against PSG on Tuesday. We are paying a heavy price for these errors.

“There were chances to end the game; a score of 3-0 probably would have done so. We should have been able to maintain better compactness if we had failed. Regretfully, we lost a match that we had a chance to win once more.”

“It shouldn’t be this way. Let’s assume that we approached the Champions League match today with the proper mindset, even though there was a chance we wouldn’t. It is inconceivable that giving up a goal in a game where you had the upper hand causes you to lose all of your efforts. However, as you can also see, we had the ball, a teammate was on the ground, and we had the opportunity to manage it better in the second goal. We had the option to toss the ball to

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