May 26, 2024

“It’s the biggest game of the year every year”

The Ohio State Buckeyes and the Michigan Wolverines appear to be playing for a Big Ten Championship and a College Football Playoff spot at the end of the season when they meet at the end of the regular season. Ryan Day, the head coach of Ohio State, seems prepared as well.


Ohio State coach Ryan Day calls out Lou Holtz after last-second win

Ryan Day made it apparent in his postgame interview with NBC Sports how crucial the impending rivalry game against Michigan is to his squad and how they’re getting ready.



Day declared, “It’s the biggest game of the year every year.” That is not distinct from that. Next week, we’re simply going to watch the movie again and see what ends up falling apart. One week at a time, our boys need to maintain their focus, and we just need to keep working hard to get better. That is all. It all comes down to a season-ending climax. Our boys have been aiming for that and anticipating it for a very long time.

Following nearly two decades of Ohio State domination in the rivalry, Michigan has defeated the Buckeyes the last two seasons. at order for Ohio State to regain dominance over the rivalry this year, they must defeat the Wolverines at Ann Arbor later this month.


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