May 29, 2024

Jaylen Warren of the Steelers gives his mother a game jersey.Jaylen Warren

The running back for the Pittsburgh Steelers made sure to save his jersey from the 100-yard game.


Pittsboro, PA For the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jaylen Warren had a very successful Week 10. At Acrisure Stadium, the second-year player and Najee Harris were named the team’s starters for the first time. And to cap off an incredible debut, he recorded the NFL’s first 100-yard game.


Warren finished the Steelers’ victory over the Green Bay Packers with 15 rushes for 101 yards and a touchdown. Subsequently, he informed reporters that he was debating whether to keep his jersey but needed to decide whether to shell out the cash for it.


A game jersey costs $1,500, according to former Steelers guard Kevin Dotson.

Warren, however, concluded it was worth the cash. After the game, the running back gave his mom his jersey, which he kept, he revealed to All Steelers.


Warren responded, “Absolutely not,” when asked if he had anticipated experiencing this level of success so early in his career. “Normally, I don’t imagine or have no expectations. I give it my all, and whatever transpires happens.”


Warren should play a bigger part in the Steelers’ offence going forward, and his 100-yard games should be a regular occurrence.


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