May 20, 2024

In a lopsided wager between Michigan and Ohio State, Tom Brady offered C.J. Stroud a Super Bowl ring.

Tom Brady wishes he could play football again. Never before has it been clearer than after listening to the recent episode of Brady’s podcast where he made a lighthearted wager with rookie C.J. Stroud of the Houston Texans.

Steeled by lessons off the field, C.J. Stroud is taking the NFL by storm - The Athletic

Brady and Stroud, who are undoubtedly rooting for their respective alma mater, placed a wager on what looks to be an epic game between bitter rivals Ohio State and Michigan next Saturday. As if 23 years weren’t enough, Brady wants to take Stroud’s NFL future if his Wolverines win.

It doesn’t seem like a fair trade-off at all that Stroud will receive one, and only one, of Brady’s seven Super Bowl rings if Ohio State prevails.

“You get one of my Super Bowl rings if Ohio State wins, which I don’t really think will happen, but we’ll see. You have to give me all of your youth, agility, timing in the [40-yard sprint], and future NFL seasons if Michigan defeats Ohio State. Considering that? Brady stated on the most recent Let’s Go! episode with Jim Gray, Larry Fitzgerald, and Tom Brady.

Stroud accepted the rigged stakes, which indicates to me that he either didn’t think the G.O.A.T. quarterback was serious or that he has a great deal of faith in the Buckeyes to win. But Texans fans know who to blame if Ohio State loses and Stroud’s performance collapses in Week 12, having enjoyed a Rookie of the Year and MVP-caliber season through the first ten weeks of play.

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