May 28, 2024

Sherrone Moore, the offensive coordinator for Michigan, expressed regret to his mother and grandmother for the words he used in the postgame interview on Saturday, he isn’t sorry for the emotion he displayed.

After the Wolverines’ victory over Penn State, Moore, who had been promoted to interim head coach just minutes prior to start, made the following emotional remarks on FOX:


Michigan football OC Sherrone Moore gets self-imposed game suspension


I want to give God praise. I am indebted to Coach Harbaugh. Man, I f— love you. Man, I adore you to no end. I completed this for you! For this university, our AD, the president. We have the greatest athletes, universities, and alumni in the nation! I adore you all. These f— boys are in this room! These folks over here, dude. These men succeeded. These people succeeded, dude.

Moore’s family has expressed some reservations, but overall, the feedback on that interview has been very positive.

“In general, just being aware of my love and concern for the players, the team, and the university.” They must have noticed it, Moore said. And that is true. It’s amazing to watch your hard work pay off when you see it realized. Occasionally, though, your feelings overcome you.

Of course, I apologize to your mother and grandmother. Love you guys, and do it again. But a ton of good things from former students. Charles, Desmond, and the other guys who were texting each other. It’s so great to see everyone at the university, including Santa and Warde, getting along so well. My heart is visible on my sleeve. I’m sorry for the words I used, but I’m not sorry for the feelings.

Throughout the week, a number of Sherrone Moore’s associates have responded to the widely shared interview. Jim Harbaugh described it as “beautiful,” adding that he will always remember it. According to Mike Elston, a lot of others on the show felt the same way Moore did.

I believe those feelings were being experienced by all. Elston remarked, “I don’t think it was just Coach Moore.” Everyone had a difficult week, which is particularly difficult when your head coach is as well-liked as Coach Harbaugh, who everyone can identify with. Everyone in this building adores him, so seeing him attacked and then watching how events developed over the course of the week was heartbreaking for everyone.

It’s difficult when someone places a microphone and a camera in your face after you’ve finished playing an intense game like that. And Coach Moore was that person by coincidence. If more coaches and players had felt the same way he does about Coach Harbaugh, I believe that would have happened to them as well. People make fun of certain things like that, but things like that happen when you’re an athlete or coach in the heat of competition and you pull off an emotional victory. I believe that day’s feelings were shared by all.


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