May 20, 2024

The Broncos are unquestionably learning how to win games after frittering them away for the previous six years.

They have adopted the persona of a group that embodies both resourcefulness and resilience in equal measure. They’ve already won three games this season by three points or less; that is, they’ve won as many of their last six games as they had in their previous fifty.



Is it sustainable, though?

That is, being resourceful is a quality. How do the Broncos get there, though? The Broncos just accomplished something in their last two games that they hadn’t done in 38 years in terms of turnover margin, so it might take a different turn in the upcoming weeks out of necessity.

The Broncos’ turnover margin during the last two games is that of their highest since they defeated the Indianapolis Colts and Seattle Seahawks in back-to-back games earlier in the season, both of which had a plus-7 turnover margin.

This degree of takeaway makes them unreliable parts. As Broncos PR pointed out, the Broncos have won two straight games with at least four takeaways, something they haven’t done since the final game of 1991 and the first game of 1992.

The Broncos’ season-long winning streak was determined by three or fewer points. Through nine games, this is the highest total in the team’s history.

Denver is 3-2 in these meetings, having won three straight after dropping its first two games of the season to Las Vegas and Washington by a total 3 points.

8 of the 11
The number of times Jaleel McLaughlin received more football passes from the Broncos than he did snaps on Monday night.

The Broncos have now given him the ball on at least 70% of his snaps for the third straight game.

He gained 46 yards with seven opportunities in 10 snaps (70 percent) against Green Bay, including the targeted ball he did not catch. He received five handoffs and was targeted on two pass plays. Seven days later, on six touches over eight snaps (75 percent of the play), he scored 39 yards against Kansas City. That produced 6.5 yards per touch on average.

However, in Buffalo, he was far less productive; in 11 plays overall, he had eight opportunities and only managed 12 yards, or 1.5 yards per touch.

Although McLaughlin is still an explosive back with high ceilings, the Bills targeted him upon his arrival, probably aware of his propensity. In order to gain an advantage, Denver may need to use him as a ruse.

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