May 20, 2024

This week, Staples invited fellow college football expert Jake Crain to assist him in making selections for the Week 13 college football schedule on the Andy Staples On3 Podcast. They talked about the odds for several games, with Ohio State vs. Michigan possibly being the greatest one they discussed last.

Additionally, Staples gave some background information on the betting line for this match before diving right into the air picks and explanations.

How to watch Ohio State vs. Michigan

Staples began, “The preliminary lines on this were always Michigan 6.5, 5.5.” But Michigan was ahead 3.5 when it came time to open it on Sunday. Regarding what they witnessed in College Park, Maryland, people are a little alarmed. Essentially, a pick’em on a neutral site is indicated by the home team offering 3.5. This is the most intriguing way to play this game; Jim Harbaugh is not present; the stakes are extremely high.


Although Staples finds the line’s movement intriguing, Crain finds it appealing for entirely different reasons. He believes that this smaller line makes it a better wager because he thinks Michigan will prevail in this year’s matchup. Additionally, hasa major factor in his prediction that the Wolverines will defeat the Buckeyes.


“I’m Not Trusting.”Kyle McCord,” Crain remarked. Martin Harrison Jr., you have a Maserati, I love you. Emeka, my love, you got a Lambeau.You even got a Hummer, Kade Stover. However, Kyle McCord doesn’t seem like he can produce enough plays against this defence when playing on the road or in the Big House. Additionally, I believe Michigan will be able to move the ball against Ohio State. I believe Kyle McCord commits a few errors.


Once more this season, Michigan is a little dirtier than Ohio State. It’s crazy that there may be seven offensive linemen available for selection in this year’s NFL draught. When people said things like, “Oh, well, Michigan, theynot engaged in any play. About them, we truly don’t know anything. Are you curious about my knowledge of Michigan? because it feels like I’ve been watching these same guys play for the past eight years.

“I’ve seen these guys perform. They are aware of what to anticipate and how to manage their situation. I believe Kyle McCord makes a few critical errors, but Marvin will still include them. I believe Ohio State’s run game will be somewhat effective, but Michigan will cover; I would go as high as Michigan -6.5.


With this matchup, Staples seems to be erring more on the side of caution. Although he enjoys watching Michigan’s offensive line, the On3 College football expert believes there is cause for concern for both supporters and wagerers.

I’ll provide you guys with the number 73. That isn’t the whole. LaDarius Henderson, the left tackle for Michigan, goes by the number 73, according to Staples. “He didn’t participate in the Maryland game.” Myles Hinton was with them, and he was injured. Karsen Barnhart needed to be moved over the left tackle. When he has played left tackle, Carson Barhardt has presented challenges. What Michigan can do in the pass game will be significantly limited if Henderson is unable to play. They won’t be able to defend themselves very effectively. They will be able to run their entire offence if Henderson plays. They should be okay if they can execute their entire offensive scheme.


Whatever difficulties the Michigan offensive line may encounter, Staples believes the Wolverines will emerge from the game ahead. He doesn’t appear to be as certain of his conclusion as Crain is, though.


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“It’s not impossible for Michigan to make a few huge plays. However, Michigan will prevail if this turns into a gritty, grind-it-out match, similar to what happened when Ohio State faced Notre Dame. That is a match that Michigan is well-suited for. They need to figure out a way to let Marv be himself, and against this secondary, I’m not sure if that’s possible. So, I agree with you. I’m not sure.If my faith in Michigan is equal to yours, then I’ll take it here at 3.5.



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