July 23, 2024

Following a week of legal manoeuvring and an attempt to have him back on the field for Saturday’s match against Maryland, No. 3 Michigan agreed to Jim Harbaugh’s three-game suspension.

In addition to assistant coach Chris Partridge’s role in hiding and destroying evidence, more details regarding booster involvement in the Connor Stalions’ sign-stealing scheme were made public at the same time as the Wolverines accepted their Big Ten suspension.

The Big Ten will conclude its investigation into Michigan’s claims of sign-stealing once the three-game suspension is accepted, and the Wolverines won’t receive any additional sanctions from the conference.

The NCAA will impose any additional sanctions following the conclusion of its investigation into the in-person scouting violations.

College football analyst Bruce Feldman discussed Jim Harbaugh’s future with the team and made some educated guesses about possible NCAA sanctions during Saturday’s “Big Noon Kickoff” segment.

Speaking with a source who provided information to the college football reporter, it “would not be surprising” if Harbaugh is suspended significantly in 2024.

“It will be interesting in the future. Feldman stated that the NCAA is still looking into him for alleged recruiting violations during the COVID dead period.

“Now they have to deal with this signal-stealing story about Connor Stallion. I’ve been informed that Jim Harbaugh’s potential suspension for the majority of the 2024 season would not be shocking.”

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