May 26, 2024

Big Ten Daily (Nov. 24): Jim Harbaugh and the NFL’s Position

Every year, there is conjecture that Jim Harbaugh will depart from Michigan to join the NFL, starting a rumor mill. He has chosen to remain in Ann Arbor thus far. However, there appears to be a good chance Harbaugh will choose to forego the college game this time and give the NFL another go. That even the most sanguine Michigan fan would have to concede. This season, Harbaugh has been suspended twice, missing a total of six games during the regular season. The coach of Michigan was suspended for three games due to alleged infractions that may have occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In response to the alleged sign-stealing scandal that came to light during the season, the Big Ten handed Harbaugh another three-game suspension. He will not be the head coach for Saturday’s game against Ohio State due to the conference’s punishment.

What league doesn’t give a damn about anything that has been mentioned? The NFL. Before Thursday’s Thanksgiving Day games, Fox’s Jay Glazer reported that the situation in Ann Arbor is largely uncontroversial among players in the league. “All the teams I’ve talked to say regardless of what we hear in that investigation, that’s not going to affect the way we look at Jim Harbaugh if he wants to come back and coach in the NFL,” Glazer stated.

That must be attractive, isn’t it? Would the 59-year-old truly want to go back to Michigan and possibly deal with the NCAA and Big Ten again after the year he’s had, mostly due to his own actions? Would he be better off taking a chance and going after a Super Bowl ring? Almost everything that Harbaugh set out to do upon taking the helm at Michigan as head coach has been accomplished.

He played in the College Football Playoffs, twice defeated Ohio State, and guided the Wolverines to two Big Ten Championships.

Perhaps this is the best opportunity for Harbaugh to rejoin the NFL ever. Yes, we do have this discussion once a year. Thus far, Harbaugh has made the decision to go back to his former university. However, he has never before been in water this hot.

Unquestionably, it would be cowardly for Harbaugh to say, “I’m out,” and wipe his hands clean of the situation. That might also be the best course of action, as painful as it is for me to say. MICHAEL STATE ENDS UP 3-3 Once more, Michigan State is in the act. The Spartans always appear to get off to a slow start, which gives us excuses to label them as “overrated” and “disappointing.” Remember that Tom Izzo usually finds a way to make things right at some point during the year.

Though Michigan State supporters are probably not encouraged by that. The No. 21 Spartans lost 74-68 to No. 3 Arizona in the Acrisure Classic on Thursday, dropping them to 3-3. The last four minutes of Thursday’s defeat were the most depressing. After falling behind by double digits, Michigan State came back and appeared to take control of the game with an A.J. Hoggard layup that put them ahead 66-63.

Over the next two minutes, Arizona went on an 8-0 run to reclaim the lead at 71-66 and never looked back. In a crucial game, the Spartans had their chances, but they were unable to seal the deal.

There is no denying Michigan State’s dismal record. However, the Spartans’ three losses have come against James Madison, Duke, and Arizona, three teams with a combined record of 16-1. Plus, Michigan State has always struggled in non-conference play. Perhaps the Spartans aren’t quite as good as we anticipated during the first few weeks. In February, we’ll see if we’re still singing the same song.



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