May 29, 2024

examining Iowa’s offensive performance during the course of the 12 regular season games.

Iowa will return to the Big Ten Tournament.

In the Big Ten Championship Game, Iowa will play Michigan. Kirk Ferentz will be looking to make amends for his team’s 42-3 loss to Michigan in 2021 when the Hawkeyes play Michigan.

The Wolverines are 12-0 going into Indianapolis, while Iowa has a 10-2 record. This season, Iowa has only faced one team that is ranked in the AP Top-25.

It’s time to reflect on Iowa’s regular season, beginning with the offense, before we get into the Big Ten Championship.

After every game, we examine the snap counts and grades provided by Pro Football Focus and offer our own analysis based on our interpretation of the data.

Although PFF isn’t perfect, they offer us a distinct perspective on the key takeaways from each game and a sense of how Iowa’s analytics appear in conjunction with our eye test results.

Today, we’ll examine the Iowa offense and the Hawkeyes’ offensive performance in terms of individual grades and snap counts during the regular season.


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