May 22, 2024

Iowa Hawkeyes Phil Parker wins Broyles Award as nation’s top assistant coach

A fact that Hawkeye fans already knew to be true got reinforced today. Iowa defensive coordinator Phil Parker is one of the nation’s finest assistants.

Matter of fact, in 2023, Parker is the country’s finest assistant. Parker was awarded the Broyles Award presented annually to the nation’s top assistant coach.

The nation’s top assistant coach resides in Iowa City.

Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz was one of the first to voice is happiness and provide congratulatory words for Phil Parker as soon as the news broke.

Phil Parker’s defense put on one of their finest acts during the 2023 season. Iowa ranks No. 5 in total defense with 274.8 yards allowed per game, No. 3 with just 15 touchdowns allowed in 13 games, No. 4 in scoring defense with 13.23 points allowed per game, No. 2 in rushing touchdowns allowed with just two ground scores given up, and No. 1 in yards per completion allowed.

Phil Parker was forced to put on a defensive masterclass each week for Iowa to hang around and win games. Parker is the main reason Iowa won 10 games this season and due to that, the Broyles Award is going to its rightful home.


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