July 23, 2024

These three-star players might make a difference in the future if Miami could add them.

Ten non-blue-chip prospects who could one day be good players at Miami


Four and five-star prospects are thought to be the only “really good” football players in this era of recruiting.

That is just untrue. Although players with those designations are considered the best in the game and you should try to sign as many of them as you can, many three-star prospects go on to become excellent college and NFL players. Today, we’re going to examine a few non-blue-chip prospects who have the potential to win football games for the Hurricanes in the future.

A player who has a ’89’ rating on 247Sports is the highest three-star and almost a blue-chip prospect. The lowest possible three-star rating is a ’80’. Using the 247Sports rankings, we will primarily reside in the 85–89 range today.

Safety Kamren Kinchens, wide receivers Jacolby George and Xavier Restrepo—the team’s top two receivers—right guard Anez Cooper, quarterback Tyler Van Dyke, cornerback Daryl Porter, and defensive tackle Branson Deen are a few important former three-star prospects who made an impact for Miami in 2023. Another former three-star prospect was starting defensive end Akheem Mesidor, who missed the majority of the season.

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