May 28, 2024

Will the 49ers Sign Marcus Peters?

Marcus Peters landing spots: Dolphins, 49ers among possible fits for former All-Pro CB after Raiders release -

There is a former All Pro cornerback available as a free agent.

Marcus Peters was benched during the Raiders’ Sunday loss to the Chiefs, and on Monday, the team released him. He missed a tackle during the game, and he and Raiders interim head coach Antonio Pierce got into a heated argument on the sidelines.

Will Peters be signed by the 49ers?

On the 49ers, who don’t really have many weak positions, cornerback is among the weakest positions. Isaiah Oliver was the 49ers’ third-best cornerback prior to the bye week, but his struggles forced them to bench him. Ambry Thomas, who is currently their No. 3 cornerback, has performed admirably in the last three games, but he has also had some dreadful performances.

And then there’s Peters, who throughout his career has intercepted 33 passes. Since being selected by the Chiefs in the 2015 draft, he has emerged as one of the NFL’s greatest playmakers. However, he is thirty years old, has only played for four teams in his career, struggles to tackle, and has performed poorly in coverage the last two seasons. He forfeited a quarterback rating of 113.7 in the previous season. He’s surrendering a quarterback rating of 100.9 this season.

Peters has lost his speed. He will give up short passes because he needs to give the receiver he is covering a large cushion. Isaiah Oliver committed the exact same offense, which is why the 49ers had to bench him. They wish to avoid giving up easy passes.

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