May 30, 2024

ANN ARBOUR, Michigan: Which team would run the ball more efficiently was one of the main factors that would determine the outcome of the game. Who was going to be the quarterback with the fewest errors? Which quarterback was most likely to make the more significant plays?

The Michigan football team defeated Ohio State in all three cases.

Yes, OSU quarterback Kyle McCord outgained J.J. McCarthy in yardage and made some huge passes downfield. However, McCarthy was more accurate with his plays and did not give the ball up, in contrast to McCord.

However, the Michigan football quarterback had to make some bold plays to help his team cross the finish line.

Two of McCarthy’s plays stand out in particular: the scramble play in the fourth quarter when he moved to his right and then threw across his body into the middle of the field to hit Cornelius Johnson, and the touchdown pass to Roman Wilson where he split two defenders. The Wolverines prevailed on both throws, despite the fact that they were risky.

Kirk Campbell, the quarterbacks coach for Michigan, was perspiring during the game, but he’s glad to have a signal caller who can go against the grain.

That last one at the end of the game is a little bit crazy, according to Campbell. “We need to make sure we keep that under control and don’t lob the ball back across the middle too frequently.”

“However, Roman is one of those people that, as a coach, you’re like, ‘No, no, no, no—yes! Yes, Michigan, touchdown! You see what he saw, but he’s not in the same spot in the box as me. He is aware that the defender is not entirely focused on him. I’ve said it endlessly, but I believe his visual perception of the field is exceptional. As he turns to throw the ball, the defender begins to move to the right and left glancing at the recipient. He was able to make the throw at that point.

“And sometimes those balls are tight windows in big games. That was a crucial play in the game, and you have to make them. And the fact that he made that choice excites me beyond measure.

McCarthy said on Monday that he knew he could throw the ball when the safety in the middle of the field began to watch the receiver as he came on a cross, which led to Wilson’s touchdown reception. McCarthy let it fly once his head began to turn since there was no way he was going to see the ball as it whizzed by his ear. Colston Loveland’s touchdown play against Michigan State was akin to one made by the Michigan quarterback. Additionally, McCarthy is trained to notice it because it’s a part of the repertoire.

Campbell stated, “We look at that stuff 100 percent.” “There will be throws that the defenders—you’re referring to defenders’ depths, correct? Do they go deep enough? Is the ball able to be moved around and are they facing away from us? It’s the exact same scenario when you consider the Colston Loveland touchdown against Michigan State. After turning around, the linebacker placed the ball back over his head. You can always put the ball over the head of the defender when he is not looking at you, as there are very few occasions when he will turn back. Like, that makes absolutely no sense. He’s now in pursuit mode with that DB since the receiver is trailing him.

That’s just a special player there, so those are the things we talk about in the film in order to be able to execute it.

McCarthy will need to put on yet another strong performance when the Wolverines take on a stingy Iowa defence in Indianapolis on Saturday in the Big Ten Championship.

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