July 23, 2024

Governor Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan committed the state to generating all of its electricity from carbon dioxide-free sources by the year 2040.

As per NBC News, the Clean Energy and Jobs Act comprises bills that aim to enhance energy efficiency, accelerate the permitting process for wind and solar projects, and require the production of electricity that is entirely free of greenhouse gases by 2040.

State utilities are required to switch 60% of their generation sources to hydroelectric, solar, or wind power by the year 2040. At 40% of the 100% target, nuclear power, hydroelectric plants, and natural gas plants are permitted.

Twenty-three states, including Michigan, have comparable goals to be accomplished by 2032–2050.

The U.S. Energy Information Administration reports that in June, natural gas accounted for 48% of Michigan’s total electricity generation. It produced just under 25% of its electricity from nuclear power and 18% from coal. Of the total, 1% came from hydroelectric power and 8% from wind and solar power.

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