May 20, 2024

Browns’ Myles Garrett injury status on structural damage to shoulder

According to Stefanski, tests conducted on Monday indicated that Garrett’s shoulder had not sustained any structural damage. As a result, he is expected to play this Sunday against the Los Angeles Rams.

The injury to Garrett happened during Sunday’s 29–12 loss to the Denver Broncos. After the game, Garrett claimed he felt something pop in his shoulder. His arm was slung over as he exited the changing area.

Garrett remarked on Sunday, “I’ve played through things that should have sidelined me before.” “I’m going to keep fighting and prioritize the interests of both the team and myself. But we have a lot planned for this season and our goals. Nothing similar to this will prevent me or us from moving forward. I’m going to figure out how to react.”

With respect to efficiency, Garrett’s defense is the second best in the NFL. With 13 sacks, he is tied for second place in the league.

The Browns took a Sunday night flight from Denver to Los Angeles, where they will practice in advance of their game against the Rams.


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