May 22, 2024

The Michigan football team managed to get through a challenging final three weeks of the season despite JJ McCarthy’s injury.

Even though they hadn’t yet faced a rival, the Michigan football team appeared to be the most reliable and formidable squad in the nation after nine weeks of play. With Jim Harbaugh out of the picture, the Wolverines had to play their first major game of the season at #10 Penn State. Even though the Wolverines prevailed in the end, their play-calling was very different from previous contests. Then, Michigan faced a strong opposition from a poor Maryland team prior to their historic victory over Ohio State.


A lot of people were wondering during that period of time whether Harbaugh’s absence had anything to do with the play-calling. Prior to Harbaugh’s suspension, the Michigan football team dominated opponents with JJ McCarthy’s passing ability. After Harbaugh was suspended, the run game was primarily used. The Wolverines won two huge games against Penn State and Ohio State in that span, even though they didn’t appear as strong against Maryland


What then motivated the change in play-calling? It wasn’t because Harbaugh wasn’t there; rather, McCarthy was dealing with a minor injury. Though he’s fully recovered now and looked impressive against Ohio State, it did have an impact on the team.


According to a Blue By Ninety article, quarterback coach Kirk Campbell stated, “Absolutely (it had an impact).” It will be difficult to complete a throw if you’re not feeling 100%, particularly if you’re a quarterback and have a weak lower body. I simply assumed that he was bothered by it. He’s fully recovered now, and we can go all out for the Big Ten championship game. It undoubtedly had a minor impact on his performance. He is a stalwart and a warrior. He was determined to fight and participate in the game regardless of his percentage.


McCarthy was going to play for Ohio State, and nothing was going to stop him. The football team from Iowa will play Michigan next Saturday in the Big Ten Championship game. With a victory, the heavily favoured Wolverines are anticipated to punch their ticket to the College Football Playoffs. Michigan will have a whole month to prepare for their CFP semifinal matchup if they do win. By then, the injury should have healed if McCarthy is still dealing with it.





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