May 29, 2024

News and Notes: Phillies Dismiss the Braves By Hitting Something Called “Home Runs”

The Atlanta Braves were defeated 3-1 by the Philadelphia Phillies. The teams in these playoffs are 14-1 when they outscore their opponents, and they did so by outshining the highly regarded Braves lineup. Regards, Mike Chernoff, Chris Antonetti, and Larry Dolan. They also get a lot of strikeouts from their bullpen. Additionally Attending: Mike Chernoff, Chris Antonetti, and Larry Dolan.

Orland Arcia displayed pretty clearly that the Phillies and their fans have some degree of mental residence in the heads of Braves players

The Phillies’ manager, Rob Thomson, truly seems to have a keen sense of intuition and data-driven management.

I wonder whether Mike Calitri, the bench coach for the Phillies who was recently (and casually) mentioned by Hoynes as a possible manager option for the Guardians, is of the same caliber. He is a 45-year-old former scout for Cleveland who also spent some time working for the Rays. If he takes a similar approach to Thomson, then sign me up.

In reference to Hoynes, he states that although John MacDonald is reportedly being interviewed for the managerial position in Cleveland, Mike Sarbaugh is not. Currently serving as the team’s defense/onfield coordinator, MacDonald, 49, was a utility infielder for Cleveland before joining the team. Maybe we should bring in shortstops to cover every position in the entire team. Hey, that was the shortstop Lou Boudreau who led the team to its final championship (you can read more about those days in the Halycon series Matt Dallas launched on our website covering the final 75 years of Cleveland baseball).

Although Kyle Manzardo did not play, Chase DeLauter went 1 for 4 and Ryan Webb gave up one run in 4 and a third innings while striking out NINE and walking two. Our Peoria Javelinas won again, moving to 8-1 in the Arizona Fall League. Keep an eye on Webb as he could potentially benefit the major league team in 2023. People, the pitching factory is grinding away.


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