July 23, 2024

After 20 games, the Toronto Raptors have a 9-11 record and are ranked 11th in the Eastern Conference. They have been trying to step up and get better at what they do, even though they haven’t exactly been bad.

Head coach Darko Rajakovic is employing a very novel strategy to reward improved performance. If the team can put three consecutive victories together, he is offering a lavish, all-expenses-paid dinner.

“When I announced that Pascal [Siakam] said, ‘Yeah, the team is going to pay for that,’ he thinks I’m cheap. And that’s not true, so once we get three wins in a row I’m taking staff and players to dinner and it’s going to be out of my pocket.”

Darko Rajakovic told Sportsnet following Monday’s practice.

This season, the Raptors have not yet experienced a winning run of three games. On the other hand, the squad has a talented group of players. This could be the perfect motivator for the team to string together some victories.

said Darko Rajakovic to Sportsnet after practice on Monday.

The Raptors have yet to go on a winning streak of three games this season. However, the team features a talented group of players. This might be the ideal inspiration for the group to string together some wins.

Rajakovic Darko

At the moment, the Raptors are a bit of an NBA wild card. In the run-up to the NBA Trade Deadline, the team’s performance may cause them to become buyers or sellers. However, the team will have additional motivation to put together a winning streak.


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