July 21, 2024

The coach of the Canterbury Bulldogs, Cameron Ciraldo, has stated that the team has not made Jarome Luai an offer.

The Tigers had completely outbid the Panthers in terms of the scope and financial commitment of their offer, which was estimated to be in the range of an additional $250,000 annually with an additional two years of guaranteed employment.

Although there are now rumors that the Panthers have raised their offer, the Bulldogs, who appeared prepared to offer Luai a large sum of money, were the wild card.

Although Ciraldo stated on SEN Radio that the Bulldogs would be willing to speak with Luai, they have not presented the five-eighth and his new management with an offer.

“No, Jarome hasn’t received an offer,” Ciraldo informed SEN.

It’s the same as it was with Stephen (Crichton) with Jarome. Naturally, we would like to speak with any talented player who is available if and when Luai (the player) decides to leave Penrith.

However, I won’t eject men from Penrith. For the duration of their careers, I hope they all remain together.

I haven’t heard that Jarome is leaving Penrith yet, but if they do end up leaving, of course I’d like to be in the conversation. And until then, we won’t take any action.

The Bulldogs and director of football Phil Gould may have considered it advantageous that Stephen Crichton is affiliated with the team and that Ciraldo collaborated with Luai while he was with the Panthers.

The fact that no offer has been made, along with Luai’s reportedly short window of time for making a call, suggests the Bulldogs have very little chance of acquiring Luai and will likely stick with Matt Burton at five-eighth.

There have been rumors that Burton may end up in the centers in 2024 as the Bulldogs consider bringing in one of several utilities to fill the number six jumper position during the off-season.

Burton has stated emphatically that he intends to wear the number six jersey at Belmore going forward.

Meanwhile, Luai is rumored to have confided in those close to him that he was considering leaving the foot of the mountains at the end of the 2024 season in order to pursue a fourth consecutive premiership.

The five-eighth might team up with Concord’s Apisai Koroisau, another former Panther, and work with new head coach Benji Marshall, who has apparently had face-to-face meetings with the player.

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