May 29, 2024

John Gordon Dies at Age 83; Designed Packers’ Iconic ‘G’ Logo

According to Mallory Allen of Fox 11 News, John Gordon, who is credited with creating the iconic Green Bay Packers logo, passed away on Saturday at the age of 83.

According to Allen, Gordon was a 1961 St. Norbert College student and a Packers assistant equipment manager. At that point, he was assigned to assist in creating a new logo for the franchise.

Gordon narrated the tale in a 2013 film that his former university produced. He clarified that the iconic Packers coach Vince Lombardi had requested that the letter G be featured in the logo “on a football shape.”

Packers team historian Cliff Christl said there have been multiple origin stories for the team’s longstanding logo, but Gordon’s version “is much more plausible” because the final product displayed the skill of a dedicated artist.

In 2015, Christl also gave a more thorough account of the Packers’ branding history. For an intra-squad game in August 1961, the team unveiled the G logo on its helmet, and in the decades that followed, it only saw minor changes, most notably changing into an oval shape.

Gordon has made enduring contributions, and his design is now even more notable because teams in every sport seem to be releasing new uniforms and logos more frequently than in the past.


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