May 20, 2024

“I must admit that Vaske has been there for me this season—from the moment I was hurt before the season began until now. He made a significant impact on my work and mental health, which helped me become better even after I took a few months off from playing. The 22-year-old stated, “He helped me stay ready until the very end.” “I made good use of the opportunity that presented itself to me in Charlotte. I’m happy he was there for me every day during the trying times.”

Micic, who had made a name for himself as one of the top players in Europe, entered the NBA as the EuroLeague MVP. Notwithstanding his achievements, the Serbian point guard also needed to move from the Thunder to the Hornets in order to receive more playing time.

Micic’s averages increased from 3.3 points to 10.8 points per game after transferring to Charlotte, and his assist averages went from 2.5 to 6.2.

“I most definitely did not actively persuade him to visit the Thunder and the NBA. He wanted to test himself in the NBA and advance as a player by taking on new difficulties. We had a few conversations before to his arrival, so he had a better idea of what to expect,” Pokusevski recalled.

“It seems like a promising future. He shown his ability to play and contribute significantly to the club. Naturally, a little bit of good fortune as well as the team’s and the coach’s trust are required,” the athlete said.

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