May 30, 2024

Steve Clifford reportedly makes multiple changes to His coaching staffs.

The Oklahoma City Thunder waived Pokusevski in February, and he eventually signed with the Charlotte Hornets. Throughout the first three years, the Serbian wing was a consistent rotation player; nonetheless, he witnessed a major fall in both role and minutes. At that point, he concluded that continuing with the same company was no longer feasible.

In an interview with Bojan Brezovac from Mozzart Sport, Pokusevski stated, “Some injuries happened that slowed me down and left me a little behind the team that progressed at high speed while I was out. When the season started and until I moved to Charlotte, I didn’t get a real chance to get back on the field and into the rotation.” “For the first few weeks, when I saw what was happening, I didn’t care, but I broke it down very quickly, put my feelings away, and agreed on the termination of [our] cooperation.”

“I had my eye on the NBA at the time I broke up with Oklahoma. I carefully consider all of my options, decide what is best, and act accordingly when the time comes. “Calm heads,” the athlete exclaimed.

Pokusevski is getting more playing time with Charlotte, averaging 19.2 minutes per game, as opposed to the Hornets. He now averages 7.4 points and 4.4 rebounds per game, which is an increase as well.

Speaking about the change of environment that brought him to Charlotte, Pokusevskis mentioned two teammates—Grant Williams and Vasilije Micic—who supported him all the way.

“It’s a good feeling, which is crucial for the future for me. I’m glad that, in contrast to the start of the season, I’m playing well at the conclusion. I am appreciative of the opportunity the Hornets gave me. I should especially mention Grant Williams, who gave me a lot of advise. Poku singled out his buddy, saying, “He is a very good guy who is eager to help and experienced for his young age.”

This season, free throws
Hornets of Charlotte
Name Hidden Value 39 vacant, 50 filled, 11 79%, 14,5 NBA
Points raised: 14.5
Reliability: 78.6%
30th place in the standings
Maximum record: 26
Record lowest: 4.
most produced FTs: NBA Statistics Schedule for the Miles Bridges team

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