May 29, 2024

After Atlanta Hawks defeated the Bulls, Bogdanovic and the head coach got into an on-court altercation.

Hawks players took initiative to keep Bogdanovic and Snyder apart.
The Hawks prevailed convincingly 113-101, but not without drama as Bogdanovic and Snyder got into a heated argument.

With just over two minutes remaining and the Hawks comfortably leading 113-96, the incident took place.

Feeling angry, Bogdanovic threw a water bottle at Snyder, setting off a furious verbal altercation during which teammates intervened to keep the two apart.

But after the game, Snyder walked up to Bogdanovic and gave him a handshake that quickly turned into an embrace of reconciliation.

Even though the altercation on the court was intense, it appeared that both sides had quickly moved past it.

When Bogdanovic thought back on the event, he emphasized how competitive he and

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