May 28, 2024

Forecast for the Ohio State Buckeyes vs. Michigan State Spartans game.

The Buckeyes and Spartans will play in Week 11 at Ohio Stadium on Saturday, and the BuckeyesNow staff predicts the following outcome.

The Ohio State Buckeyes’ home finale of the season is this Saturday versus Michigan State; there will be a three-week break before they play Michigan.

To defeat the Spartans, the Buckeyes will need to keep their attention on the current game and ignore the lure of Senior Day and “The Game.”

Here’s how the BuckeyesNow staff envisions the November 11 Buckeyes game against the Spartans playing out.

This Saturday’s home finale against Michigan State marks the Ohio State Buckeyes’ final game of the season; they will take a three-week break before playing Michigan.

The Buckeyes must focus on the current game and resist the allure of Senior Day and “The Game” in order to defeat the Spartans.

This is how the BuckeyesNow staff sees the Buckeyes versus Spartans game on November 11.

Ohio State is ranked first in the College Football Playoff rankings for a reason. Although the Buckeyes’ slow start to the season hasn’t hurt them, they do appear vulnerable. But not against the Spartans, who are a losing team. This season, controversy and inexperience have cost Michigan State, and on Saturday, that trend will continue. Expecting a Spartans winning streak to come at Ryan Day & Co.’s expense is not realistic.

As Harlon Barnett put it, the Buckeyes could be defeated. He may be correct. It is possible for Ohio State to lose before the season is out. At home on Saturday, it just won’t happen.

Michigan State 10, Ohio State 41

Gaurav Law, Editor in Chief

Michigan State is the second-worst team in the conference when they play in Columbus. Their lone victory came against Nebraska with four minutes remaining thanks to a game-winning touchdown. They have now lost four of their last five Big Ten games.

The Spartans have suffered close defeats to Rutgers and Maryland, two teams that the Buckeyes dominated. There’s a reason Ohio State is ranked as the top team in the country. Today, we might witness the return of Devin Brown or possibly see Lincoln Kienholz take the field.

Michigan State 13, Ohio State 59

Staff Writer Caleb Spinner

For the first time in two weeks, Ohio State is returning home, and they will surely be excited to entertain their supporters in the Shoe. Michigan State’s victory over the Richmond Spiders on September 9th has given them some confidence, but it won’t mean much against the Buckeyes.

In the majority of quantifiable statistics, the Scarlet and Grey team outperformed the Green and White team. On Saturday, expect the Buckeyes to completely dominate the Spartans.

Michigan State 10, Ohio State 49

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