July 23, 2024

Get the most recent details about the Liverpool men’s squad’s availability, suspensions, and injuries.Latest Liverpool injury news as two back in training amid Darwin Núñez update before Chelsea - Liverpool.com

The Virgil of Dijk

Illness prevented the Reds captain from flying to Toulouse for the November 9 Europa League match.

On November 8, Jürgen Klopp said, “If some others have it too, it won’t be a huge deal, but we didn’t want him on the plane.” We left him at home because, although I have it a little bit, it is not a problem for me. He ought to be perfectly fine for the upcoming weekend.”

Trauma Diego Alcantara

Due to a hip ailment that required surgery, Thiago was unable to play in the final weeks of the 2022–2023 season and is still sidelined.

On November 3, Klopp said, “We cannot apply any additional pressure to it as it is a continuous issue.” We anticipate his return, which I would guess will be around the beginning of the New Year. Since November has already arrived, that would imply an additional four weeks. To be honest, I’m eager for him to return, and I think it’s realistic to try that. He really is an amazing player. I know you’re wondering, but there’s nothing that allows us to get updates on a weekly basis because that

Maxim Bajcetic

On November 3, Klopp said, “We’re not sure when he’ll return.” Once more, it’s one of these things with Stefan. Although Stefan’s quality, potential, and talent were obvious to all, and what a player he is, his body was not yet ready. These boys are still developing, and they are all unique. We have other players who have a different skeleton or body type, and while that’s acceptable for some, it may be a little too early for others.

“All we need to do is reapply the break and wait for everything to be okay. Then, Liverpool FC has a fantastic player at their disposal, but we cannot and will not use that at all. All we have is

Bryan Bradley

The full-back’s recuperation from his injury is going well.

October 6: Klopp said, “Conor is running and on his way back, but with these kinds of injuries and in that age group, you tend to give them rather three weeks more than not enough because it has to do with the body’s growing process and stuff like that.” Let me put it this way: I was no longer able to sustain this injury! And for that reason, he requires some time.”

Gravenberch Ryan

Due to a knee ailment, Gravenberch was unable to participate in the Europa League away match against Toulouse and will be out in the short term.

On November 8, Klopp said: “Ryan experienced a minor knee niggle. It’s not a big deal; he was running today anyway, but this game was out of the question. After the international break, Brentford will undoubtedly return, and we hope he has a chance.”

Jones, Curtis

Due to a hamstring injury, the midfield player is not available for selection at this time.

On November 8, Klopp said: “Not very big. He will return after the international break, but not before. It’s a very poor quality hamstring. He was in good condition, received a red card, had poor rhythm, and was involved in Europa League games. When I took him off the field against Bournemouth, he didn’t feel anything, but when I went into the dressing room, I believe he felt a slight hamstring strain, so a scan was performed. Very poor grade, but it eliminated him.”

Robertson Andy

The left-back is out for a while after undergoing surgery on the shoulder he hurt while playing for Scotland in October.

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